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Antisemitism in Southeast Asia: Tales from Jerusalem to Jakarta

The arrest in 2021 of a younger Singaporean for planning assaults exterior a synagogue raises the query of why a battle within the Center East would lead a Muslim in Southeast Asia to wish to assault Jews. It’s a story of contested beginnings, imperial energy, and international battle.

Some might imagine that antisemitism is only a Western hatred with no resonance in Asia, together with Singapore. Nevertheless, the case of a 20-year-old nationwide serviceman detained by the Inner Safety Division (ISD) after planning assaults on a synagogue there in 2021 exhibits in any other case. Furthermore, there’s well-documented antisemitism in each Malaysia and Indonesia.

Southeast Asian antisemitism has, nonetheless, typically bemused students and researchers, as a result of it has been described as an antisemitism with out Jews. Traditionally, Jewish communities have been at finest marginal, or typically non-existent, inside what’s now the Muslim-dominated archipelago round modern-day Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

Whereas centuries-old communities exist in India and China, information point out Jews arriving in Southeast Asia within the wake of European colonisation from the seventeenth century. Most have been merchants, and communities throughout Southeast Asia most likely by no means exceeded a couple of tens of hundreds. The final neighborhood that existed in Penang, Malaysia, died out within the mid-twentieth century. In Indonesia, the one synagogue for a few years was in Surabaya, however it grew to become inactive attributable to tensions and declining numbers in 2009 and was demolished in 2013. Solely two synagogues at present exist, one in Jakarta, serving a small neighborhood, whereas in 2022 the area’s first Holocaust museum was opened in Sulawesi, which is important as Holocaust denial is usually tied into trendy antisemitism.

Sha’ar Hashayamim Synagoge inauguration by native authorities, in Minahasa in 2019. Picture by Yaakov Baruch on Wikimedia Commons.

Singapore has the oldest lively synagogue within the area, and plenty of Jewish figures, similar to David Marshall, have been influential within the metropolis’s historical past. Solely a small area people nonetheless exists, however within the wider expatriate neighborhood there exists an excellent variety of Jews as a part of the nation’s sizable non permanent workforce. Brunei has by no means had a synagogue.

It’s helpful to outline some phrases and context for antisemitism, as a result of Southeast Asian antisemitism solely exists inside a wider international and colonial context. Antisemitism is a type of prejudice which impacts Jews and people perceived as Jews, and has been round for over two thousand years. Any distinctive neighborhood that exists as a minority is more likely to be the topic of prejudice, and Jews have been no exception. Within the Jewish case, the intertwined historical past with Christianity has made it a broadly prevalent and genocidal hatred.

What we now consider because the Christian faith started as a department of Judaism; Jesus, his disciples, and Paul have been all Jews and thought as Jews; Paul’s letters are successfully midrash, or conventional rabbinic commentary. The advocates of the early Jesus motion represented a brand new interpretation of Judaism that grew to become centered on conversion exterior the Jewish neighborhood. Nevertheless, over a couple of centuries, Christians got here to seek out their Jewish roots obscure, and when Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as an official a part of the state equipment a seismic rupture primarily severed connections.

Furthermore, over these centuries and in those who adopted, Christians developed an entire literature and ideological body that noticed “the Jew” as abominable and even demonic. Virulent antisemitic tracts emanated from Christian bishops and lecturers, studying antisemitic messages into the New Testomony texts. Right this moment, all mainstream Christian church buildings have acknowledged their complicity within the prejudicial hatred and atmosphere that made the Shoah (Holocaust) doable.

We have to speak! Artwork, offence and politics in Documenta 15

Human-rights oriented Indonesian artwork collectives have been accused of anti-Semitism at certainly one of Europe’s largest artwork exhibitions, Documenta, in Kassel, Germany.

To know the connection to Southeast Asia, nonetheless, requires understanding how European colonialism unfold antisemitism, significantly round Egypt and elsewhere within the Center East and North Africa (MENA). This led first to Arab Christians adopting antisemitic concepts, which seeped into secular Arab nationalism then into Islamic Arab nationalisms, and right into a full-blown Islamic antisemitism. This latter transfer got here in the course of the Nineteen Thirties, and two key figures have been the mufti of Jerusalem Hajji Amin Al-Husseini and Syed Qutb of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qutb wrote a tract known as Our Battle With the Jews in in 1950 which nonetheless circulates in Southeast Asia at this time and outlined an everlasting enmity between Jews and Muslims, however drew on Western antisemitic tropes.

Alongside this, the significance of the present Palestine-Israel conflicts can’t be underestimated for a way Muslims globally view Jews. Therefore, in Southeast Asia, as elsewhere, the narratives on this form discourses, with many Muslims perceiving what is usually termed the “settler colonialism” and “apartheid” of Israeli state coverage, and a sure type of Zionism, as driving a wedge between the communities.

Earlier than continuing, a number of caveats want noting. Firstly, accusations of Israel as a “settler colonial” state and engaged in “apartheid” are hotly contested, so I’m solely noting right here a notion of this with out arguing both approach. Secondly, Zionism names a variety of attitudes of Jewish individuals in direction of a homeland that will or will not be Israel (some early Zionists prompt South America could make an excellent homeland). As such, the excesses of militant Zionist settlers is removed from definitive of all Zionisms. Thirdly, opposition to Israeli insurance policies vis-à-vis Muslims just isn’t itself antisemitic, nor does it entail hatred of Jews, and plenty of native Muslims recognise this, particularly in relation to their custom, a matter we are able to unpack additional.

Within the Quran, hadith, and Islamic custom, Jews—like Christians—have been thought to be Folks of the Ebook (ahl al-kitab) and Protected Folks (ahl al-dhimma), and had resultantly lived peaceably in Muslim-dominated lands. Certainly, when persecuted or exiled by Christian rulers, many Jews had discovered congenial houses amongst Muslims who typically welcomed them warmly. The Jewish golden age of philosophy, literature, and studying of the medieval interval occurred in Muslim-dominated Spain, in addition to in such cities as Cairo, and Baghdad. Antisemitism can due to this fact be seen as one thing alien to the Islamic custom, regardless of its adoption at this time by many Muslims underneath Western affect.

After we handle Islamic antisemitism in Southeast Asia at this time, we due to this fact must return to our earlier dialogue in regards to the development of this custom in MENA. As famous, many Muslims learnt antisemitism by way of Christian and secular Arabs, from Western colonial, secular, and Christian sources. However, in figures similar to Syed Qutb of the Muslim Brotherhood, it grew to become internalised as what we could time period an Islamic spiritual ideological stance. Qutb’s position within the Muslim Brotherhood meant that antisemitism grew to become embedded in Egypt and past, most notably in Saudi Arabia. It was actually from this supply, by means of what has been termed the Arabisation of Southeast Asian Islam, that antisemitism unfold as part of the Wahhabi-Salafism as taught from the Nineteen Eighties onwards.

This isn’t, although, to disclaim colonial and different sources of antisemitism, and in Indonesia antisemitism was institutional within the colonial interval, got here with Nazi affect underneath Japanese occupation, and was unfold by notable Christian nationalists similar to Ratu Langie.

The worldwide unfold of recent Saudi Arabian and MENA Islam, together with within the Southeast Asian area, signifies that antisemitism exists in lots of Muslim communities. The Israel-Palestine battle has led many Muslims to see their fellows repressed by Jews, and information reporting has strengthened an antisemitic narrative that’s primarily alien to conventional Islamic tenets.

The prominence of antisemitism in latest instances, significantly in Malaysia, the place now we have famous the endogenous Jewish neighborhood has disappeared, could appear puzzling. However consideration to the discursive perform of the trope of “the Jew” and the way antisemitism operates makes it clear.

Firstly, it was arguably underneath Prime Minister Mohamad Mahathir that antisemitism gained a serious public profile there, a discourse he has repeated in recent times. He was instrumental in turning in direction of a Muslim identification within the political sphere and away from a secular framing. As such, given Wahhabi-Salafi infiltration and the prominence of Palestine-Israel as a degree of identification for a worldwide Muslim ummah (neighborhood), it was a pure discursive trope to assist discovered arguments for a beleaguered and oppressed Muslim identification that will bind group identification and garner help.

Secondly, inside Malaysia’s context, as Mary Ainslee has argued, antisemitism with out Jews has been a cipher for a unique group: the Chinese language. In different phrases, antisemitic discourse about Jews as a minority however but a affluent and controlling group (taking part in on previous antisemitic tropes famous beneath), has acted as a code to criticise and fire up resentment in opposition to native Chinese language, perceived as a profitable enterprise neighborhood which prospers on the expense of Malays. An identical sample has additionally been noticed in Indonesia.

It has been famous that copies of Henry Ford’s deeply antisemitic textual content The Common Jew have been handed out at Mahathir’s political rallies within the 2000s. This factors to the continuing Western affect. Furthermore, the conception of controlling and affluent Jews performs upon tropes developed by means of European historical past, however very significantly on a nineteenth century forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which allegedly information a secret assembly of Jewish leaders discussing their plot for world domination. Initially a scene from a novel, it has taken on a lifetime of its personal and has the passage now we have mentioned: from Europe (each France and Russia have been posited origins), to MENA the place it influenced Qutb’s writings, and now to Southeast Asia within the Islamic ideological framing of antisemitism.

The porte-cochère of Maghain Aboth Synagogue, Singapore. Picture by Smuconlaw on Wikimedia Commons.

All this brings us again to the context of the detained 20-year-old Singaporean youth. Whereas precise violence, or deliberate violence in opposition to Jews is uncommon in Southeast Asia—although a deliberate (Jemaah Islamiyah) JI assault in 2001 on Singapore focused not simply the US but additionally the Israeli embassy—antisemitic sentiment clearly festers regionally.

That is significantly tied to anti-Israeli sentiment. Amongst the nations surveyed right here, solely Singapore has shut ties with Israel, and Malaysia specifically has had generally tense relations. However anti-Israeli sentiment may be separated from antisemitism (many Israeli and non-Israeli Jews criticise the federal government’s harsh insurance policies in direction of the Palestinians). Due to this fact, whereas many Muslims regionally could criticise Israel, definitely not all are antisemitic. Muslims and Jews sit side-by-side within the Interreligious Organisation of Singapore and different platforms. In Indonesia, for instance, some have careworn kinship. Respect for Jews, as Folks of the Ebook, is integral to Muslim identification for a lot of.

As such, it was no shock that Singapore’s Mufti and others expressed their outrage on the deliberate crime. Certainly, Jewish and Muslim leaders united collectively to sentence it. It might be mentioned that it was not Islam that gave this younger man these concepts, however a politicised hatred learnt by way of colonial imposition and the Israeli-Palestinian battle.

However, like synagogues globally, these throughout Southeast Asia have safety in place, and the necessity for reviewing safety throughout locations of worship in Singapore has been famous. Though Singapore’s Chief Rabbi has contrasted the security felt right here in comparison with Europe, there is no such thing as a room for complacency given regional discourses on antisemitism. Certainly, Singapore is one thing of an outlier amongst the nations surveyed in that peaceable quite than hostile discourse marks the Jewish-Muslim encounter. That is maybe associated to Singapore’s fastidiously curated interreligious panorama.

The response from, and amicable relationship between, Singapore’s Muslim and Jewish leaders and wider neighborhood is an indication of hope, however it’s not the norm and is one thing that wants extra regional help. It might be helpful to emphasize the standard amity of Muslims and Jews within the teachings of neighborhood leaders, in madrassahs, and the Malay language literature. ​ But, it can’t be ignored that, within the area, antisemitism stays rife amongst many Muslims.



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