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CNN Contributor Marks 9/11 by Evaluating Trump, MAGA to Bin Laden, Terrorists

Left-wing radio host and CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah commemorated the 9/11 terror assaults with a number of posts equating former President Donald Trump and “MAGA” Republicans with the Islamic terrorists behind the lethal 2001 assaults.

Marking the twenty first anniversary of the September 11 assaults that noticed Islamic terrorists kill practically 3,000 People, left-wing commentator Dean Obeidallah posted a collection of tweets evaluating the previous president and his supporters to al-Qaeda and then-leader Osama bin Laden.

“Terrorists are terrorists – be they Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda or Trump’s MAGA,” Obeidallah wrote in a single tweet. “Time to carry Trump accountable!!”

In one other submit, he in contrast the previous president’s proper to “freely journey” in america to granting that very same proper to al-Qaeda founder Bin Laden.

“Take a second and picture if after 9/11, Bin Laden have been allowed to freely journey America, spewing lies in an effort to radicalize extra individuals to commit violence in his title?!” he wrote. 

“Effectively that’s EXACTLY what Donald Trump has been doing since Jan 6,” he added. “Time to Arrest Trump!!”

Claiming right-wing media retailers “will try to grotesquely twist my tweets invoking 9/11,” Obeidallah asserted he would “by no means cease calling out the menace Trump and MAGA pose to our nation–particularly not on the anniversary of 9/11.”

Although 9/11 and the occasions of January 6 can’t be in contrast with each other “when it comes to lack of life,” Obeidallah admitted, he claimed the Capitol riot “was way more harmful to our nation in that it was People who waged the assault after being radicalized by Donald Trump.” 

“And really dangerously, Trump nonetheless travels the nation radicalizing individuals,” he added.

He additionally mentioned it was “time to carry Trump to justice to guard our nation the identical means we delivered to justice all concerned in 9/11 from Bin Laden on down.”

“MAGA and Al Qaeda each waged lethal assaults towards our nation to finish our democracy,” he wrote in one other. “The distinction is the chief of Al Qaeda has been delivered to justice, whereas the chief of MAGA, Donald Trump, nonetheless travels our nation radicalizing individuals for his subsequent terrorist assault.”

The previous lawyer argued that “terrorists are terrorists – be they Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda or Trump’s MAGA.” 

“Time to carry Trump accountable!!” he added.

Final week, Obeidallah mentioned that America is in a battle towards so-called “MAGA” Republicans.

Final month, following the US navy’s assassination of al-Qaeda chief and bin Laden confederate Ayman al-Zawahri, Obeidallah mentioned he considered former President Trump’s supporters as no completely different than those that supported bin Laden after the 9/11 assaults.

“At this level I LITERALLY view individuals who nonetheless help Donald Trump no completely different than the despicable, vile individuals who supported Bin Laden after 9/11,” he wrote.

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