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Horror movies reveals large 1,300lb cannibal hammerhead beast consuming 6ft shark after circling beast within the water

SHOCKING footage reveals the second a large 1,300lb cannibal hammerhead feasts on a fellow 6-foot shark off the Florida coast.

TikTok consumer blacktiph shared the horror second in a video that has over 300,000 likes.

A viral video shows the moment a hammerhead shark inhales another 6ft predator


A viral video reveals the second a hammerhead shark inhales one other 6ft predatorCredit score: Getty
The 6ft prey looks like a light snack compared to the massive hammerhead


The 6ft prey appears like a light-weight snack in comparison with the large hammerheadCredit score: TikTok / @blacktiph
Hammerheads are known to eat a variety of species, experts say


Hammerheads are recognized to eat quite a lot of species, consultants sayCredit score: TikTok / @blacktiph

“Have a look at the scale of that,” a shocked onlooker stated within the video.

The wild footage opens with the large hammerhead stalking its six foot sufferer.

The big pray appears like a snack in comparison with the monster that may develop as much as 20 toes lengthy.

A person could be heard laughing within the viral video because the hammerhead engulfs the smaller shark with its large physique.

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“Oh my god look how large it’s!” somebody stated within the TikTok.

The hammerhead then chowed down on the opposite beast, showing as if it was having fun with a light-weight snack.

Commenters have been amazed on the assault, saying there was “no approach” the prey was six toes lengthy.

“That shark knew he was executed for, did not even trouble swimming away,” one particular person stated.

One other consumer commented: “No approach that shark is 6 ft.”

Nonetheless, it’s really doable the hammerhead made the pray seem smaller because of the species’ huge dimension.

“The nice hammerhead shark is the biggest species, and it’s believed they’ll develop as much as 20 toes lengthy, although that is uncommon,” Newsweek stated of the wild video.

“Hammerhead sharks dwell in tropical and temperate waters worldwide.”

It’s really fairly regular for sharks to prey on different sharks, in line with Dr Lauren de Vos with the Save Our Seas Basis.

“With over 500 completely different species of sharks in our oceans, there are various species of sharks that prey on different, typically smaller, sharks and it’s regular habits for these species,” de Vos instructed Newsweek.

“Hammerhead sharks, just like the one within the video, are a household of predatory sharks that eat fishes, cephalopods (that is animals like squids and octopuses), and smaller sharks and rays.”

Sadly, regardless of their magnificent dimension, the elusive species is taken into account endangered as a consequence of being caught as bycatch by industrial fisheries, Newsweek reported.

“As a result of there are such a lot of completely different species of sharks, all kinds of various meals is on the shark ‘menu’ typically,” de Vos stated.

“Nonetheless, there are particular, typically bigger, species that embody different sharks of their weight loss plan (just like the hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks and white sharks), whereas the vast majority of different species do not in any respect.

“These massive, predatory sharks do not solely eat different sharks—they’re going to typically additionally hunt fish, marine mammals and different animals.

“So, quite than it being about how typically sharks eat different sharks, it is extra a query of whether or not a selected species would hunt different sharks if given the chance, or not.”

“I am by no means going within the ocean once more,” a TikTok consumer commented.



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