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Nice fin whales off Torrevieja coast

The sighting of a bunch of nice fin whales – Balaenoptera physalus – has been made off the Torrevieja Coast.

The good fin whales – the second largest whale after the blue whale – have been seen in Torrevieja waters throughout its annual summer season migration in the direction of the Strait of Gibraltar to exit into the Atlantic Ocean.

Noticed three miles off the coast of Torrevieja, the good fin whale made spectacular jumps out of the water.

The migratory hall of the good fin giant cetaceans runs from the Ligurian Sea, passing between the Balearic Islands and the Iberian Peninsula, reaching Cabo de la Nao and heading for Cabo de Palos to cross the Alboran Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar.

Typically, in our space, the passes are a number of miles from the coast, and solely sometimes do they arrive nearer to the coast.




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