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No Onion No Garlic Aloo Makhana Sabzi Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Be it Navratri or Shravan maas, many observe fasting throughout these months, which implies onion, garlic is an enormous no no for a lot of. Fasting practices are totally different from area to area. I imagine “There are not any guidelines in fasting. Some quick on Mondays, some on Tuesdays and Fridays, whereas others quick solely on sure spiritual days”.

Whereas a large area follows the no onion, no garlic, and abstain from non vegetarian meals, some even say no to mustard seeds, steer clear of grains and wheat. Potato is without doubt one of the humble vegetable individuals eat throughout quick, because it’s filling and excessive in carbs. Mix potatoes with vitamins crammed makhana (lotus seeds) makes for one delicious and filling fasting dish, Aloo Makhana Sabzi.

Serve No Onion No Garlic Aloo Makhani Sabzi with Sattu Ka Paratha for fasting or you too can serve it with Phulka or Pudina Tawa Paratha and Palak Raita for an on a regular basis meal. 

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