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Now King Charles III get’s Australia’s allegiance. How embarrassing

With Queen Elizabeth II’s demise, we now owe literal fealty to King Charles III. It is anachronistic and demeaning.

King Charles III (Image: AAP/AP/Victoria Jones)
King Charles III (Picture: AAP/AP/Victoria Jones)

The primary query we legal professionals requested ourselves when Queen Elizabeth II died was whether or not our QCs had out of the blue grow to be KCs. The reply was a de facto sure; all of them jumped on their web sites to make the change and the Australian Bar Affiliation rushed out a press launch confirming the seamlessness of the transition.

The authorized reality is murkier. You see, when Queen Victoria died, her successor Type Edward VII issued letters patent to all of the then Queen’s Counsels, changing them by royal decree to King’s Counsels. That was as a result of, it was understood, the title’s conferral was private to the monarch — not one thing that succeeded with the crown.

Nonetheless, when Elizabeth II’s father, George VI, died, no letters patent emerged and everybody simply quietly modified from KC to QC with out a fuss. Thus, waffled the Bar, had the conference developed.



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