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Ukraine-Russia: the harmful escalation

Seven months after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian warfare, Vladimir Putin launches a partial mobilization and threatens to make use of nuclear weapons “if the very important pursuits of Russia had been threatened”.

Whereas the UN Common Meeting is held since Tuesday in New York, occasions are accelerating within the Russian-Ukrainian battle. For the previous ten days, Ukrainian troops have managed to take some floor from the Russian military, which has needed to redeploy on the entrance line. We now have been ready for a response from Moscow. It’s the grasp of the Kremlin who has outlined the contours.

The nuclear weapon

On Wednesday, September 21, Vladimir Putin introduced in a quick speech, “the partial mobilization” of Russians of preventing age. This represents about 300,000 males who will obtain speedy coaching.
Vladimir Putin mentioned that “the Nazi regime in Kiev”, supported financially and militarily by the West, represented a menace to Russia. He added: “If the territorial integrity of our nation [was] threatened, we will surely use all means at our disposal to guard Russia and our individuals…. Those that blackmail us with nuclear weapons ought to know that this blackmail may be turned towards them.


This escalation comes at a time when a referendum will probably be held in 4 Ukrainian provinces on September 23 and 27, 2022: the areas of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporijjia and Kherson. Seen from Moscow, these provinces populated by pro-Russians appear torn between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. For Putin, ‘they’ve the correct to self-determination’.




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